We live in a world of opposites: highs and lows, ups and downs, black and white, positive and negative. Life itself is a concoction of positive and negative events. Sometimes, the volume of negativity is greater than positivity or it could be the other way around. Negative events, like any other event in life have a purpose and are essential to our personal growth. The problem with these negative events is if we do not know how to handle them and move beyond them. When we linger and nurture the negative events that happen in our lives, we are feeding negativity.

Negativity can be toxic to us if we let it stay in our lives for too long. Erasing negativity in our lives does not mean that we erase negative events altogether. Negative events are inevitable occurrences in life and they are beyond our control. What we can control however, are our emotions and course of actions in the face of negative events and situations. Negative events do not absolutely mean natural events or happenstance. Most of the times, they are human-initiated events or human-to-human interactions or relationships that do go so well. Again, these are all inevitabilities in human life and we need to face them or risk compromising our personal growth and moral solidarity.

To deal with negativity, you have to possess positivity. Obviousness aside, we need to be positive to counteract negativity in life. In the field of physical science, positive and negative charges attract and are needed to make an electric current. In life, we don’t need to have positivity and negativity to attracted to our lives, but we need both to make us better persons so that we can always move forward in life. Positivity comes from a positive outlook and positive emotions that are at work in our lives. If we see the good things in every situation, we become positive in our emotions and in our disposition. Happiness should be always inside our emotional backpacks as we travel in life. We should learn to be happy and know how find happiness in whatever event we encounter in life. If problems and challenges become too unbearable for us, we need to have hope. Hope is what inspires us to hang in there when the going gets tough. Thus, we should keep it in our side pocket of values. Optimism should be our penlight as we travel through life. The trail could be long and treacherous, and it certainly gets dark every once in a while; thus, a glimmer of positive energy through optimism can keep us on track. When we are optimistic, we are focused and determined to forge ahead no matter the setbacks and challenges we encounter. We can always see something positive in every circumstance we find ourselves in if we have optimism.

There can be so many positive attributes we can equip ourselves against negativity. But we should remember the most reliable source from which all our positivity comes from: God. God is always there for us, we may think He is far from us but in reality, we are the ones drifting away from Him. Our faith can be the compass that leads us back to the right path again. Through faith in god comes our positivity, and all the attributes that come along with it, which we need to deal with negative events in life, and erase any form of negativity that these events may bring. With God, we can do anything and nothing is impossible.