In life, the only thing constant is change. Indeed so, because everywhere we look, changes are happening around us. We can see, feel, smell and taste these changes using our senses and there are changes that we could not readily sense, but could still perceive using our other faculties. Change is an inevitable and unstoppable event in life. No matter how much we struggle to keep things in control and in order, changes still happen in one way or another. Change is a significant factor in human life. Life as we know it would not have been possible without change.

Why does change matter in our lives? Because we ourselves are products, agents and embodiments of change. Our ancestors endured the harsh conditions and way of living at their time. They changed their ways of trying to survive and adapted to their surroundings. Through constant exposure and adaptation to change, our ancestors managed to survive despite the changes happening in their ancient world.

Generations and generations of changing along with change, we were born. Nothing is happenstance and pure coincidence in this world. We are products of the changes our ancestors and eventually our parents had to adapt to in order to survive. Our parents met because of certain changes in them and the situations in their lives that led them to each other. Our having been born is also brought about by the changes they desired in their status from being a couple to becoming a family.

Our growth and development is the embodiment of change. We are who we are right now because of the changes in our physical bodies and mental attributes. We have been agents of change the moment we were born. We redefined the roles of our parents as husband and wife to loving father and caring mother.

Nature and nurture have also played a role in the changes in our personalities and behaviors. The changes we encounter in our surroundings influence the way we react to certain situations. Our upbringing at home changes over time as we grow up. There could be more freedom or restrictions depending on how we behave and the reinforcement of our parents. All these changes shape our personality, behavior and individuality.

Our social connections and interactions are also catalysts for change in ourselves and for us to become agents of change to others. Friends and peers have a significant influence on our behavior too. Conversely, how we act and talk when we are with our friends and peers can also influence their behaviors and personalities, and thus we become agents of change to them.

Of course, we should bear in mind that amidst all the changes within us and around us, God has provided us with the gift of intelligence and granted us free will to adapt to these changes and to choose how we live our lives along with these changes. We can choose to be good influences to other people and thus effect a good change in them; contrarily, we can also become witting or unwitting agents of degradation and depravity. The price of change doesn’t come easy. We have to be vigilant, adaptable and responsible in dealing with the changes in our lives.

“Life is a constant change”, as one well-known singer puts it. Indeed so, because we can’t keep on staying in the same spot for the rest of our lives. We have to keep moving with the flow of change and move out of shells, boxes and comfort zones. We won’t know what it is to be truly living if we try to stop or evade change. We should renew our perspectives and expand our horizons to be more positive and adaptable to change. Change can make or break us, and we have to be strong. Change can also redefine us – for better or for worse – it is up to us. In all these changes, God’s hands are at work. He has a purpose for all of us, who are like different threads of a beautiful tapestry in the making. We just have to let Him guide us as He weaves our life’s thread and interconnects it with other threads in the fabric called change.


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