Four Horns That Control This Earth Age


The Four Horns That Control This Earth Age is a Spiritual and Practical look at how our world has been and is influenced by theses Four Horns: Politics, Education, Economics, and Religion. Seen through lens both Positive (The Power of Truth) and Negative (The Power of Evil), the book shows how effectively the Four Horns are used, how and why they came about, and how they are often used to belittle certain groups of people. The Four Horns offers an accurate and deeper understanding of individuals, cultures, places and things… and you’ll be amazed why things are the way they are. The Practical side has a lot of hidden transcripts under that cultivate into The Power of Evil using Politics, Education, Economics, and Religion as standards of how people are looked upon. God also has standards and he too use these Four Horns as the Corner Stone of His Government which is Perfect.

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