Spiritually Circumcise Your Heart and Mind – Hardcover

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This book is for Christians and spiritually minded people who are in search for the deeper Truths of the Bible, God’s Eternal Plan for Salvation and “Whoever Believes In and On Jesus Christ” that wants to keep their Armour properly shined so they can Stand and Faint not when Satan’s Fiery Darts comes their way; especially if they are alive when “The Anti-Christ” shows up on earth with his angles. In addition, to take Heed and Cut away the “Norms” and “Traditions of Men” with their false Preaching and Teachings; therefore “Circumcise Your Heart and Mind” by Guarding the Gateway to Your Ears and Eyes, because what You Hear and See “Resonates” in Your Mind, then goes to Your Heart. Once the Blood starts flowing from Your Heart to Your Mind with Lies, it’s hard to “Rejuvenate” the Mind with God’s Truth!

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1 review for Spiritually Circumcise Your Heart and Mind – Hardcover

  1. 3 out of 5

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