Enlightenment can simply mean to bring light where there is darkness. On a spiritual level, it is the light that guides our very core of existence out of the darkness of confusion, doubt and negativity. Just like the iconic image stock of a bright idea which is shown by a lit bulb over one’s head, spiritual enlightenment is like a light bulb being turned on inside of us, giving us renewed insight and understanding about the meaning of life.

Nearly all spiritual activities and practices across different religions seek enlightenment as the ultimate goal. There may be some people who experience abrupt and lasting enlightenment, most of us follow a gradual process in our respective spiritual paths as we move through different levels of enlightenment.

Spiritual enlightenment begins when you free your mind of its restraints and burdens by starting to let things be around you and within you. You allow and take in your experiences to be whatever they are without judging, analyzing or resisting. Thus, you are opening up the gates to your mind and the passageway to your spirit. You have achieved spiritual awareness.

After achieving awareness, you may realize that before you reached this level, your life was in chaos and disarray. You tended to spend most of your time with non-essential things such as unnecessary planning, criticizing and worrying. But when you reach this level of awareness, you find that your mind quiets down and synchronizes with your spirit. Your awareness becomes keener and more accepting of what is around you. This level of awareness is often described as being more ‘fully present’ or ‘in the now’.

Now that you’ve opened up your mind to be in synch with your spirit, it is time to proceed and let things enter. This is the element of acceptance. An open and spiritually aware acceptance gives you a feeling of oneness with all that is around you. You begin to grasp the connection that you have with every person, animal and even every object.

With this, you make another realization that the strict boundaries that you once thought existed or made up between you and the rest of the world suddenly are suddenly blurred: they become vague don’t seem to matter anymore. This openness doesn’t necessarily mean you lose yourself. Your being is still intact and your mind still functions perfectly and you are still perfectly able to take care of yourself and your life. The only addition is that now you recognize that the filters and boundaries you have struggled to set are less important than this new value of your oneness with everything else. A profound acceptance in your path to enlightenment is what others would compare to be akin to a feeling like deep and complete love.

The first elements of awareness and acceptance evoked moments of realization about yourself. As you meditate and reflect on yourself and the world using spiritual awareness and acceptance, you become a step closer to achieving the ultimate realization. At this stage of your path to spiritual enlightenment, your feeling of connection with everything else moves towards the realization that you are everything else, and everything else is you: a deep sense of oneness.

Step by little step, your spiritual enlightenment will allow you to completely know that the oneness with everything is the connection we have with God – the ultimate realization in spiritual enlightenment.


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