The term “spirituality” has seemingly become vague and has lost is significance to the modern generation, especially the millennials. It has almost lost its meaning in our culture – a culture of modern amenities, laxed morality and on-the-go lifestyle. But we cannot let it lose its meaning in our faith. What is spirituality in the Christian context? It is the aspect of our life with Christ that deals most directly with having a relationship with God. Plain and simple, it is our relationship with God through following the ways of Jesus Christ and incorporating Christ as the center of our lives.

At one point in our lives, we feel that certain thirst and hunger that no water and food on Earth can respectively slake and satisfy. This is our spiritual hunger and thirst. Faith and conversion are the ways of regaining and replenishing our spirituality. Faith is not quantifiable or measurable; however, it can grow as big as a mustard tree or remain as small as mustard seed, depending on our efforts. By faith, we need to accept Jesus Christ as our savior and guide in life. We need to acknowledge that we have fallen short of God’s grace and the only way to regain God’s grace and redemption is through accepting Jesus Christ. It should not just be merely calling out to Jesus Christ during church days, but also living with benevolence and mercy as the way Jesus lived. We should be careful though, that we do not become too proud and boastful of our good works because good work without the virtue of faith has no credit in our salvation.

By faith, we need to be active Christian members of the church and faithful followers of the scriptures: the word of God. We need to be engaged in church activities that enhance our spirituality such as praise and worship activities and bible sharing and studies. Active engagement means not just being passive listeners and participants in these activities, but also being vocal and passionate performers and bible sharers. Conversion comes with repentance and wholehearted effort to turn away from our sinful ways. Acknowledging and accepting our sinfulness is the first step in seeking God’s forgiveness. The act of repentance frees our physical body and spirit from the binding grip and burden of sin and guilt. With a spirit relieved of the shackles of sin, it becomes uplifted and free to move along with our will.

Prayer is our private connection with God. It isn’t just for asking favors and blessings from God, but more like our way of talking with God. We should be open in heart and mind to share everything to God for everything is from God and He is in everything. Meditation and contemplation is our way of giving rest and relief to our spirits. By temporarily disconnecting ourselves from this world, we give our spirits its needed space.

Our spirit, as much as our physical bodies, needs to grow and have the same amount of attention. Our spirituality can be restored through our acceptance of Jesus Christ in our lives and reestablishing our connection and relationship with God. Allow me to share a significant bible reading that inspire us to replenish our spirituality: “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” (Matthew 5:6).