Growing up strong and healthy is vital for us to become fully functional individuals and contributors to the society. The most immediate thing that comes to our minds is to become physically strong and healthy. Indeed so, we are correct on the physical side, but we need to make the same effort for our physical counterpart: our spiritual side. If on the physical side we need to have proper diet and exercise to improve our strength and overall health, our spiritual side also need needs vital activities to be strong and healthy too.

Just like the go, grow and glow foods we have become so familiar when we were school students, our spirit needs its daily bread and sustenance. So what is the source of our spiritual sustenance? The word of God is the food our spirit desperately needs. We can obtain God’s word through the Scripture or the Holy Bible.

Reading the Bible needs our utmost attention and concentration on every significant chapter and verse we come across and read. We don’t need to read the bible from start to end and in one sitting. Reading the bible should be a daily activity, or more like our healthy habit. We need to ponder and meditate on the messages the bible passages are conveying to us.

The Bible is the most complete reading material and spiritual reference we can come across. There are so many passages and readings that cater to our spiritual needs and inquiries. It also contains passages that can help us solve our problems, both physical and spiritual.

Of course with knowledge, comes application. We need to apply what we have learned from the Bible. By doing so, we achieve a sense of fulfillment, humility and enlightenment through the realization that we have followed the words of God and have known of His good news. These achievements from following God’s word will gradually fill the void in our spiritual lives.

Another way of improving our spiritual strength is to actively participate in church activities, especially praise and worship activities and bible study or bible sharing activities. We can learn so much about our spirituality from attending these activities. By hearing out and knowing from other church members’ spiritual successes and failures, we also know about our own spiritual strengths and weaknesses.

Praying is also an essential activity that enhances our spiritual strength. Praying should not be only done when we seek assistance and blessings from God. Prayer should be an open communication line with God. We can pray about almost anything to God. We can talk to God about our problems, our dreams and our aspirations. We can even talk to Him about our fears, frustrations, regrets, failures and disappointments. With a healthy communication with God, we are slowly establishing our spiritual connection with Him. This connection strengthens our spirit.

All in all, these vital activities comprise the virtue of faith. Faith is the one thing that can restore God’s glory within us and can bring us back to our most important inheritance: a place in God’s marvelous kingdom. Not only that, our spiritual strength and our entire spiritual essence can be increased and restored through our faith.